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NEWS 2 February 2018
UltraPlay appoints new Chief Executive Officer
By Caroline Watson
UltraPlay has announced the appointment of a new Chief Executive Officer, commencing at the start of Q1, 2018.

Dariy Margaritov, previously held the position as CEO, and has led the company successfully since its foundation in 2010. The decision to appoint new CEO, Mario Ovcharov, was made by Margaritov and the company’s Management Board.

Margaritov will continue to use his knowledge and expertise in the gambling and crypto industry as an advisor to the betting solution provider company.

Margaritov will focus on the development of a number of crypto-related projects as well as the implementation of the Blockchain technology in the online gaming industry.

Margaritov commented: “Mario Ovcharov is a perfect example of a top manager who has successfully made his career within the company. He brings an incredibly deep understanding of our business, proven track record and strategic approach that will certainly lead UltraPlay to the next successful milestones.”

With Ovcharov adding: “As part of UltraPlay’s family, I have been deeply involved in most of the company’s projects and developments that are described in the industry as innovations and avant-garde solutions.

“UltraPlay has a deserved reputation as a leading eSports betting solutions provider and I am determined to continue the company’s growth and establish its leading positions on the core and emerging iGaming and crypto markets worldwide.”
IN-DEPTH 1 November 2018
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