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NEWS 19 April 2018

Dutch Gambling Authority’s report tackles loot boxes

By Harrison Sayers

The Dutch Gambling Authority, has released a public report on their website demanding that the gaming industry adjust their loot box offerings within games in order to comply with gambling regulations and Dutch law.

In its statement, the Kansspelautoriteit has stated that it will be agressively targetting  games developers who continue to offer loot boxes which do not comply with Dutch law from June.

According to the authority, the definition of loot boxes are ‘treasure boxes that can be acquired or bought in a game. The player has no influence on what is in such a loot box. Loot boxes in games ensure mixing of games of chance and games of skill’.

The clampdown comes following an investigation by the authority which revealed that of the ten loot box offerings currently available from popular websites, four were operating in direct violation of Dutch law.  

At the same time the Kansspelautoriteit  report suggested a link between loot boxes and players being at an  increased risk of developing a gambling addiction. The information for the report was gathered from experts including those who are involved with addiction care. 

Games developers have been also been asked to remove the more addictive aspects from loot boxes which include the ability to open one after the other in quick succession and their vibrant visual effects.

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