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NEWS 10 July 2018

Japan’s IR Bill is yet again delayed

By Nicole Gheller

Over the weekend Japan was hit by torrential rain and landslides which have caused over 140 deaths in the country.

This has prioritised recovery efforts on the Japanese Diet’s agenda and has pushed back other issues including the Integrated Resorts Bill.

Typically the Diet breaks in June but its session was extended through July. With the agenda pushed back to try and tackle the tragic disasters affecting the west of the country, law-makers must now try and pass the bill before the recession on the 22 July, which is only 12 days away.

Last week a bill to tackle gambling addiction was approved, which is considered to be the final step into getting the IR bill passed.

If passed, the bill would see an initial three resorts built and regulated casinos would be opened in the nation. The first licenses would be expected to be issued in 2020 and the first casinos would start operating five years after.

The first resorts were initially planned to be built for the 2020 Olympics, but now it is a question of whether the bill will be passed before the Diet’s recess.

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