Organic content much better than "tricking Google," says SEO exec

By Tim Poole

Blueclaw Marketing Director Martin Calvert says organic content will be a very important SEO factor in 2019.

The digital marketing agency works closely with a number of online gaming companies, ranging from affiliates to operators, and was present at SiGMA last week.

As part of the Malta-based show, Calvert delivered a talk on SEO trends in 2019, stressing the days of "tricking Google" are on the way out.

He said: "These days, tricking Google is still possible in some ways but it’s a short-term strategy. Our focus is on listening to Google and long-term quality.

"The important questions are: how meaningful is your content? How easily indexed is it? Are you providing the right answer for someone as an operator or affiliate? Can people do what they need to do on your site?"

Calvert also emphasised the need for "organic content" and a better user experience, suggesting there will be no quick fix for improving a company’s SEO ranking.

"A casual approach to security is on its way out in 2019," the Blueclaw Marketing Director explained. "Organic content is very important: content written for human beings, not keyword stuffing or trying to be overly manipulative.

"Creating better user experiences, faster sites and sites specifically for mobile are key for 2019 and what will give you an edge."


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