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NEWS 23 January 2019

GVC to spend 0.2% GGR on responsible gambling measures

By Matthew Enderby

GVC has launched its new global responsible gambling campaign, in association with the Harvard Medical School’s Division on Addiction.

GVC’s Changing for the Bettor campaign pledges to double its commitment to research, education and treatment, doubling the current 0.1% of gross gaming revenue it spends to 0.2%.

Announcing the campaign, a statement from GVC said: "There is no one single bullet to solve this problem. It is a multi-faceted problem and, as such, there are many parts of the jigsaw that need to be tackled."

The operator says there are seven pillars to its responsible gambling strategy; understanding the scale of the problem, educating key stakeholders, promoting responsible attitudes, empowering customers, funding treatment, championing responsible product design and driving business changes.

The Division on Addiction Research Project, run by the Harvard Medical School, will help the operator understand the scale of the problem. GVC will invest $5m into the partnership over a five-year period and provide the project with anonymous player data across its range of brands.

The project will study patterns of normal internet gambling behaviour, behavioural markers of problem gambling and the effects of the expansion of gambling in new markets.

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