Pragmatic Solutions: iGaming Platforms should allow operators control over their business

By Gambling Insider
In order to be up to speed with the market needs, iGaming platform providers need to be conscious of the key features that will help operators to stay competitive in an already busy marketplace. Connecting legacy software to a third-party tool requires a substantial amount of custom code, so modern software platforms often count on third-party APIs. This is where Pragmatic Solutions, an iGaming Platform (PAM) owned by the same investment group as the ever-successful Pragmatic Play, stands out in the market – its technology was built for the right purpose right from the start, developed with stability, scalability and speed in mind. By focusing on the platform as its core product, Pragmatic have succeeded in creating a modular, API-based, common wallet system that is integration focused.

Pragmatic Solutions provides a solid, scalable and blazing fast iGaming Platform, built for start-ups and established operators, achieving successful integrations in a matter of weeks, and making the client’s roadmap a priority. Our flexible API based iGaming Platform provides dynamic segmentation, advanced business analytics, risk, fraud and product management, front end and CMS, transaction processing and player and campaign management amongst other product features that prove our success and the reliability from our clients.

We make everything easier for operators by giving them more control through fast 3rd party integrations and a client-oriented approach. We pride ourselves in working closely with our customers and provide support with planning, integrations and operations launch within the established timeline, all using our state-of-the-art Pragmatic Solutions technology platform.

Technology built for the right purpose, right from the start

Most platforms providers out there today use very old software that was originally built for a completely different purpose. Their software has been modified and patched over time to facilitate the business of providing an iGaming platform to gaming Operators and the core structure of those platforms is simply not designed for the purpose it is being used for today. This, in combination with “old code”, leads to inevitable problems with stability, scalability and speed of delivery. These problems are seen everywhere across the industry. In contrast, the Pragmatic platform was developed for the right purpose, right from the start- to become a stable, scalable and dynamic API based common wallet platform that is integration focused and can deliver with speed.

Exclusive focus on our core product

Almost all platform providers spend the majority of their time and energy on building other products (such as sports, games, payment solutions, etc.), rather than developing their core platforms. Their reasoning is that there is not much money in the core platform business, so it’s better to spend the resources on building the “add-ons”. As such, their core platform itself becomes a side distraction, with the necessary focus missing. This approach takes a short-term view – one that inevitably results in underperformance and failure.

At Pragmatic, we believe that focus is the key to success. As such, we focus only on developing our core platform and its supporting features to avoid distractions. We don’t spend time and energy building products and services that are readily available on the market (from highly rated providers) and can easily be integrated into our platform. We simply focus on our core product instead. Because of this approach we can always ensure a high quality core product and faster delivery timelines for our Clients.

A long-term focused, business-oriented mindset

Platform Providers know just how difficult it is for their Operators to change platforms; as such they take the short-term view that applying various restrictions and limitations will increase their revenue (at the Operator’s expense) or they will simply consider that they can get away with underperformance and poor quality.

Such behaviour manifests itself in many ways. For example, operators may be forced to use the Platform Provider’s “home products”, which are more expensive and of lower quality than what’s available on the market, resulting in a less competitive offering for the Operator’s clients. Additionally, when the Operator needs something to be developed or supplied by the Platform Provider, they will use this request as an opportunity to charge excessive fees and make exorbitant demands in return for supplying said service. Finally, excessive timelines and failure to deliver on promises are other instances of disastrous behaviour operators have to deal with on a daily basis.

This type of approach will have an overwhelmingly negative effect in the long run, both for the Operator and the Platform Provider alike, with Operators becoming reluctant to develop their business and make long-term investments when they are faced with instability in one of their core pillars. Low growth, underperformance and even potential failure, are inevitable. The operator will come to understand over time that they might have no choice but to change platform, no matter how difficult the move may be.

At Pragmatic Solutions we will act (and strive to act) in a manner that makes business sense in the long run, giving clients the confidence they need to build their business in the future. We will never break long term trust for short term gain as this is simply bad for both businesses.

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