Betfred teams up with OtherLevels

By Brad Allen
UK bookmaker Betfred has chosen marketing analytics firm OtherLevels to power its mobile marketing campaigns.

The OtherLevels platform will analyse players' e-mail and SMS activity to provide a detailed report on sporting and betting preferences.

Betfred says the deal will enable it to distribute targeted content at the right time to encourage its 100,000 users to strike a bet.

"Delivering a message to our players to incentivise them to make a wager on an upcoming match just before kickoff or even at half-time isn’t quite as straightforward as it may seem." said Betfred head of retention James Shaw.

"In order for a campaign to be successful it requires we know what sporting categories the player likes, the events he or she follows, and their previous wagering activity.”

“For example, we can send half-time messages to recent, active bettors who may not have responded to our pre-game message, while at the same time not disturbing those who did respond."

Ramsey Masri, CEO of San Francisco-based OtherLevels, said his firm can help players as well as operators: “Mobile devices can deliver news that is critical to making good bets in a timely fashion," he said.

"However, that insight has to be actionable and incentivised through well-tested and well-timed notifications."

Mobile wagering is predicted to reach £59bn by 2017.


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