AffiliateCon: "Volume of betting search terms has decreased during pandemic"

By Iqbal Johal

Betting search terms have decreased significantly during the coronavirus pandemic, according to the CEO of Netpeak Bulgaria.

Speaking at the Gambling Insider-powered AffiliateCon Virtually Live, Gennadiy Vorobyov admitted search patterns, which have shown a decrease in the past two months, might not return to normal rates for some time.

He said: "I just did some research in betting projects and for the last two months, the trend has gone down. Searches have decreased but impressions and clicks have increased.

"It is normal and our expectation is it should get back to normal, not to the same volumes but it should be back, maybe at 50% for the next three months. This is a really hard situation but the reality is the volume of searches have decreased during this period."

In terms of current SEO trends, the CEO of the digital marketing agency added it depends on what the main operators are offering.

He added: "Right now the searches depend on what the big players in betting are offering. For example, for Bet365, looking at what’s active for matches and betting, the keywords didn’t change. The volume has decreased but the exact search terms are the same.

"The way we can find the exact keywords to promote is to find what is active right now.

"Maybe esports betting is the new niche and interesting niche that doesn’t depend on offline activities that are currently restricted."


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