GAT Expo face-to-face and biosecure will return in six months

The Cartagena de Indias Convention Center and the organizers of the traditional Colombian trade show Gaming & Technology Expo, formerly FADJA, announce new dates and format for their face-to-face event that will bring together suppliers and operators with interests in Latin America.

The dates defined are Wednesday 18 and Thursday 19 August 2021, when it is expected that most of the executives and representatives of exhibiting and sponsoring companies are already vaccinated in their countries of origin and the air borders are open. However, and taking into account the care that must prevail and meet special standards, exceptional biosecurity measures have been established, starting with the choice of a stage for the exhibition, which, although part of the structure of the convention center, is located outdoors in a 4,000 square meter plaza facing the sea, surrounded by terraces.

The Esplanada San Francisco and the so-called Claustro de las Ánimas of the venue will host the online and land-based exhibition respectively. The online platforms will have two days of fair and taking into account the high temperatures of Cartagena and the fact that the exhibition in stands will take place completely in an open space, its schedule will be from 5 pm to 10 pm, with excellent lighting and ambience.

The land-based gambling equipment will be exhibited in a Showroom between 10 am and 8 pm on August 18 only, closing with a networking reception between 6 pm and 8 pm on the terraces of the Claustro de las Animas. The area for the roulettes and slot machine’s booths, although it is within the large spaces of the CCCI, connects to a big outdoor area and has natural light and an average height of 6 meters.

The logistics for the implementation of biosafety protocols range from the design and construction of homogeneous stands with independent entrances and exits, determined capacity inside, light and environmentally friendly materials, to the provision of cleaning and hand-washing points in all common areas. Likewise, the Cartagena de Indias Convention Center requires the correct and permanent use of protective masks by event participants.

In Gaming & Technology Expo online, Altenar, Golden Race and Mobadoo have confirmed their participation as Sponsors in the digital category, as well as Golden Race, Universal Soft, Bertadar, Digitain, Betgames TV Worldmatch, Rivalo, 1xBet, TvBet, Mondo Gaming and America Simulcast as exhibitors.

GAT Showroom Cartagena will provide the opportunity for large international casino companies to update their customers with the latest advances in machines and games around the world, in an industry that does not stop creating and innovating even in times of crisis. In agreement with manufacturers and distributors of land based equipment in Colombia, 3A Producciones has scheduled the holding of the GAT Showroom Bogotá at the Sheraton Hotel on July 29. GAT Showroom Medellín will be held at the Centro de Eventos El Tesoro on August 5. This sales activation strategy will allow brands to directly approach their natural customers in the gaming rooms operating in those regions of the country.

Given the interest in corporate conferences by some companies in the framework of GAT Expo 2021, José Aníbal Aguirre has made an alliance with the Panda MR platform for the transmission of these academic and commercial talks that can be viewed from anywhere through a computer, Smartphone or tablet. Also, 3A Producciones, the organizing company, has reached an alliance with City Group, the only authorized supplier for the construction and assembly of stands that meet the biosafety and distancing parameters established by the Colombian National Government and the District Mayor's Office of Cartagena de Indias for this type of fairs and events with public attendance. 

The Spanish company Mobadoo is sponsor and organizer of the first eSports tournament on a virtual platform. The competition is part of the GAT Expo 2021 program as a B2C event.

The call for the attending public will be made by operators and suppliers of the various gaming verticals. Likewise, the national associations: Asojuegos, Cornazar and Fecoljuegos, that have led the legal gaming companies in the country in the face of the difficulties imposed by the pandemic are special guests at the event, as well as Coljuegos, the governing body of Colombia, the leading country in regulation in Latin America.

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