Altenar's Sports Betting Craft And Their $8.5bn Market Revenue Prediction For The UK Market

After a week of ICE expo fun, networking and everything an iGaming expo entails, the team behind the sportsbook software provider, Altenar, found it best to look at the current state of the UK market post-pandemic and in the middle of an Esports new wave.  

altenar uk ball gi web image

As the industry has already returned to its pre-pandemic vigour, by an extraordinary amount, Altenar has witnessed a shift in the sports betting world and as a result has been able to predict the growing revenue for the UK market, where the ICE expo draws international attention and attendees.  

Altenar’s lengthy time in the iGaming market, forward-thinking technology, and the problem-solving initiative of the software creators, it seems only natural that they have gathered a selection of information, industry expertise and the ability to know the sports betting world inside out.  

This has been demonstrated by the below graph that was extrapolated from one of Altenar’s industry reports that can be found via their website.  

Altenar’s professionals already understand the brilliance and world-reaching power of the sports betting craft and how their software can help you, as an operator, achieve the best revenue and customer satisfaction possible.  



The graph shows that sports betting is the top revenue earner in the UK iGaming market and as a result has been predicted to see the greatest revenue spike by 2027. The current revenue, at $4.41 billion for 2022 could be one of the reasons that the UK-based ICE expo was a packed-out event and the halls of the Excel brimmed with excited industry professionals.  

The revenue for the UK market also stands as a testament to Altenar’s sportsbook software and their dedication to the craft that has spanned several plus years.  

The team behind the sports betting software has created, influenced and led the industry that is the top-earning-vertical for the UK market and as a result, has seen global recognition for their work on and within the industry.  

As a continually-growing company, Altenar understands the importance of the craft that underpins the sports betting industry, and the dedication it takes to achieve operator and bettor experience satisfaction. The aforementioned can stem from a customisable front-layer that is easy on the eyes for bettors, and in keeping with the brand for operators, as well as, a manual-aspect backend that allows operators to track, build reports and choose the sports content they know is best for their bettors.  

Altenar’s sports betting full-solution software will change the way bettors interact with your website, as new and improved features will be released over 2022, from content widgets to player’s specials and as Altenar grows and adapts, so too, will your operations.  

You can discover more about Altenar’s sportsbook and what it will do for you by contacting their passionate professionals today and discovering why Altenar is where stability meets flexibility.  

Arrange a chat, meeting, or request a demo from the team behind the blue light of Altenar, and take your first steps into harnessing a revenue-increasing sportsbook! 

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