BtoBet’s Chairman Alessandro Fried discusses how to grasp the potential of the market

After Italian legislators have launched the bidding process for the 120 gaming licensesmade available as from January 2018, only around ten applications have been presented by February, with 40 operators looking to renew current licenses and a forecast of 60/70 new companies by the 19 March.

By the end of the summer, it is therefore planned to issue new licenses which will be able to offer all types of gaming admitted in Italy, i.e. betting, casino games, poker, virtual, bingo, horse racing and betting exchange.

Recent studies, reporting a growth of +15.5% for the online market in the sole month of January 2018 (compared to 2017), with revenue higher than €485m and an actual outlay of €60.8m, are confirming the growing potential of the online in the country where 84% of players’ spending is generated by smartphones.

With a strong experience in the Italian market and counting on BtoBet Sports division based in Rome,  Alessandro Fried's latest industry report warns bookmakers and operators about the possible hidden dangers and highlights the strategies they should adopt to develop a fluid DOT IT business.

This report is perfect for operators and bookmaker willing to...

  • Take advantage of experts in the Italian gambling market
  • Build relationships with the relevant local authorities
  • Overcome the technical and bureaucratic compliance process in Italy
  • Shorten the time taken to get the brand to the market
  • Differentiate the offering and create new game markets
  • Choose a technology partner with local and international experience

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