New CEO Jeff Letlat's ambitious plan for Boss Gaming

“Fresh approach, innovative, breaking stereotypes, impressive”– this is how the new CEO of Boss Gaming Solutions – Jeff Letlat sees the company in the nearest future. But these words have already connoted with Letlat himself, who successfully managed over 500 employees across more than 20 countries of the world from Europe to Africa, and now taking care of Boss Gaming’s professional success.     

Jeff Letlat has an ambitious plan and strong strategy to unlock the great potential of Boss Gaming Solutions and become number one in the industry.

Jeff was sure that one of the primary points for the professional growth of Boss Gaming Solutions is customer centricity, which means to put customers first and offer them a great experience on every stage.

Another cornerstone for Boss.GS brand values is Responsible Gaming. Been deeply concerned about it, the new CEO is planning to pay great attention to provide a safe gaming experience to customers in order to avoid possible adverse consequences from gambling.

At the same time Jeff Letlat knows how to strike a balance between responsible gambling and driving revenue. On one hand it’s important to motivate players to stay tuned by using gamification, special bonus systems and promotions. On the other hand, to identify a player who is at risk of harm and interacting with them to reduce the risk - is essential.   

One of the main aims of the new CEO is to break stereotypes about social dangers of gambling and make it responsible and friendly form of entertainment by implementing new mechanics and technologies.

“One of the most necessary things is to set big goals that inspire and motivate the team. And to make Boss Gaming Solutions a recognizable and admired brand in the gambling industry is one of them, isn’t it?” – said Jeff.


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