Enteractive CEO: Operators need to give players more recognition

Mikael Hansson, Co-founder of retention service provider Enteractive, has said operators need to start focusing on giving their customers some much-needed recognition.

Mikael Hansson2

Speaking with Gambling Insider, Hansson discussed a recent American Society of Quality survey that found 68% of customers leave companies because they feel they do not care about them.

Hansson argues the online gaming industry needs to do more to target these players.

He said: "If you look at ICE or SiGMA, I see people are still focusing on making a cool product. No one is really targeting this 68% - the ones who want real attention.

"You can’t really say you give them real attention by sending them spam emails or text messages. We have tried to automate a feeling of 'you’re important to us.'"

Hansson believes Enteractive's method of one-on-one contact provides a personal touch which is often missing in online gaming, although he argues this is no different in other industries.

He said: "Look at when you buy a car for example, you can go into Mercedes or BMW and the likelihood is no one will even say hi to you, even though you are there to buy a car.

"Then God forbid they call you after you have bought a car and ask you if you like it. Every industry out there can improve enormously."

Hansson was speaking to Gambling Insider for its upcoming Malta Focus magazine. Click here to read when available.

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