7 September, 2021

G2E 2021: The Return of the Full House

With the American Gaming Association (AGA) having formally announced the return of The Global Gaming Expo (G2E) for 2021, Gambling Insider sheds some light on what to expect from the wonders of the mammoth tradeshow

The Global Gaming Expo (G2E) is back in town, at a Las Vegas near you. Place all your bets that you’ll be losing sleep, and if you don’t; we’ll raise you.

G2E returns for yet another in-person professional premier social event, across four days (4-7 October), at the Sands Expo. Amid the hubbub of excitement among professionals and friends alike, the expectation to join forces with your industry peers once more is definitely the subject of long-awaited anticipation. For over 20 years, G2E has offered an informative, efficient and gratifying means to connect and showcase innovation in the gaming industry.

Although ‘freedom day’ has finally arrived in the UK, G2E is dedicated to advocating the safest precautions by means of responsible social distancing. Direction and distance markers will guide you to your destination with temperature screening taking place upon arrival. Only vaccinated guests will be allowed to attend and increased sanitising stations will be situated throughout the venue. Covid-19 (coronavirus) will indeed have a small but important part to play during the event, but let this not dampen your spirits!

This too shall pass, my friends. We repeat, this too shall pass.

Following the disastrous effects of Covid-19 across all land-based industries, we envision nothing but a ubiquitous sense of unity throughout the event, and thereafter. Because that’s the point of it, isn’t it?  This is a cultivation which aims to bring everyone together, appreciating old and new professionals, and celebrating people and their brands in general. The amount of business veterans integrating themselves through the venue ensures you’ll definitely be able to mix and mingle like a little corporate family, all the while gaining the experience and knowledge you need for your established or budding gaming enterprise.

Covering the vastness of the event, the buzz of exciting tradesmanship runs electric through the venue. You can almost always sense the finalisation of an important deal being made, or feel the essence of partnership between brands, companies and suppliers coming together. This is a social, yet highly professionally driven event, with the support of many large corporations. G2E, in itself, is a way to humanise businesses away from the regimented requirements that come with meeting in an office or a boardroom. This trade show allows people to familiarise themselves with their business partners as real people with real deals instead of systematic robots with no soul. After all, just because you’re doing business, doesn’t mean your characteristics have to take a step back.   

It looks like G2E will have a full house this year, after a research survey showing 80% of participants stated they were excited to attend G2E. It’s evident that this year’s event is set to boom, in more than just a social aspect. Considering the praise of the 2019 event, we presume the list of gregarious activities will be exquisite, brimming with event schedules and never-ending networking opportunities. The recent NIGA event was a hustle and bustle of success, boasting celebrity guests such as Mark Wahlberg and A.C Green, and laying the template for G2E.

Following on from the virtual G2E last year, a full suite of gambling products and services will be displayed at this year’s in-person G2E. The virtual event brought many discussions to light surrounding the recovery of businesses after the pandemic, and displayed how to use marketing data in a Covid-world to one’s advantage. Other topics, to name a few, highlighted subjects around diversity and inclusion, a guide to omni-channel  systems and the possibilities of further states including online gaming. This year, expect many conversations on sports betting, tribal gaming, cashless payments – which was a huge focus during NIGA – and esports. The post-pandemic future will still be one of high importance, focusing on the views of land-based gaming, and the success of land-based casinos since reopening, notably in Nevada.

Expect all the corporate schmoozing of past experiences, alongside a plethora of opportunities to develop one’s knowledge of the gaming sector. The colossal company booths and staggeringly large stands from suppliers are enough to cement one’s understanding of how huge G2E really is, and how importantly they mean business. Big-brand giants Novomatic, Bally’s Gaming, Kambi, Aristocrat and many more will set up an impressive display, no doubt enticing guests with brand new state-of-the-art ideas and concepts. With around 30 conferences a day, especially from the outset on Monday, you’ll also never be without a chance to learn more about the industry.

During your time in Las Vegas, you may additionally ask what’s there to do while you’re in sunny North America? More than you could ever need to is the answer, despite the previous impact of the pandemic leading to a Las Vegas shutdown last year. For the free days before or after the G2E trade show, your choices are endless. The Sands Expo, part of the Venetian property, boasts an abundance of leisure and amusement surrounding the resort; the city really is the Entertainment Capital of the World.  If you have a vice, any vice, whether it be shopping, gambling, dining out or partying, the Venetian property as a whole caters to anyone and everyone’s personal needs. Exploration is limitless: why not indulge in a party (or two), or ride on a Dune Buggy through the Nevada Desert. Your possibilities are pretty perpetual.


G2E = Global Gaming Expo or...Got To Eat?

With the extent of fine dining restaurants to choose from, your options here are infinite. The resort holds some of the most prestigious culinary goodness. You may prefer to dine at the Mercato Della Pescheria and try its exquisite authentic Italian seafood menu, or taste the five-star Spanish paella at Edo Gastro Tapas & Wine. Your Japanese cuisine fix will most certainly be met by the reputable restaurant, Mizumi, so esteemed it was quoted as "out of this world."

With all the distinguished diners in Las Vegas, it’s a given that your foodie needs will be met regardless, even if you decide  you want a quick Maccy’s after a night (or  day) out, the McDonalds won’t fail you and is never, ever far from sight... Ah, sweet Neon City...It’s safe to say ‘we’re lovin’ it.’

So, are you excited for this year’s upcoming G2E? The biggest land-based casino event in the world? With all systems go and an atmosphere just bursting at the seams, the return of the premier US event of the year waits patiently. Round up, round up, expect a show like no other! Like we said, place your bets please.