8 September, 2021

Product Review: DFI Boards

Enable Eye-catching High-resolution Graphics

Professional gamers love to immerse themselves in the virtual world when playing game machines such as slots and arcade games. DFI understands that the interaction with machines should be more interesting and vivid. With our products, gaming clients can easily achieve brilliant graphics performance and higher gaming satisfaction. One thing is certain: the phrase “DFI Boards” is synonymous with “good graphics”.


High Speed Processing, Qualified Computing and Wireless Transmission Capacity

In a fast-paced and intense gaming environment, gaming machines such as Jackpot, Sport & Race, and KENO are required to possess fast data processing and even wireless transmission capabilities.

DFI’s products are equipped with Wi-Fi/3G/4G connectivity for quick data transmissions, making it the right fit when it comes to those requirements. Besides wireless connectivity, DFI systems also provide the best computational capacity and high-end performance.


Reliable Multi-game Streaming

Combined with DFI’s products, it's now easier for gaming clients to utilise three, four, six, or even 10 displays to show information. Based on DFI’s product technology, we can now help our gaming partners bring out the wonderful and sensuous delights of multi-screen gaming machines.

As a leading provider of embedded solutions, DFI is a possibility thinker that can draw unlimited opportunities in smart gaming and provide the most suitable products for gaming clients. With its innovative design, premium quality management system and synergy with Qisda/BenQ Group, DFI's industrial-grade solutions enable customers to optimise their equipment and ensure high reliability, long-term life cycle, and 24/7 durability in a breadth of markets. Those markets include factory automation, medical, gaming, transportation, smart energy, mission-critical, and intelligent retail. DFI is the ODM partner in which gaming industries can't miss out the most.